Promotional Products Create Success For Your Business


Think of your business as a superhighway with multiple lanes: acquisition, building a strong client base, increasing revenue, and sustainability. As you speed along toward success, what’s the engine that propels you? Marketing!

No matter what marketing process you select, the goal is to build brand recognition that leads to sales. Promotional products are an invaluable component to any successful marketing campaign.

With access to over a million products from thousands of suppliers, we research the best items and find the most competitive prices. Quality, innovative promotional merchandise featuring your business logo insures that your brand is always visible as your current and future clients carry on their daily activities.

The promotion of your business is a team effort. When you partner with Kris Patton Promotions, we are committed to your success. Our goal is to increase your brand recognition and boost your revenue through effective promotions. Increased & effective visibility give you the edge on your competition!


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